*** In Memoriam***

Sooner or Later vom Lumberg born 06.09.2002 , died 03.10.2014

Pucini vom Lumberg , born 31.07.2000, died 26.10.2011

Father of our S - and T- Litter

VDH-Ch. Over the Rainbow vom Lumberg ,born: 01.03.2000 died 17.05.2011

Mother of our S-, Y-, W- and A-Litter


Lanvin vom Lumberg born 23.08.1998 , died 11.10.2008


Imhothep vom Lumberg "DJ" born 29.12.1995 , died 15.07.2008


                                      Chatkantarra Grandessa born 18.06.1998 , died 08.10.2007

"Grandessa" mother of our  P and R litter


         It`so Easy vom Lumberg born 29.12.1995, died  02.03.2007

"Easy" Mother of our L and N - Litter


Quoncita aus der Mackenmühle born 16.05.1995 , died 06.07.2006

Quoncita Mother of our K, M , O , Q and T- Litter


Chatta Nouga Chu Chu vom Lumberg born 09.11.1991, died 24.01.2002

 Chu Chu Mother of our G and I- Litter


             April vom Lumberg  born 31.01.1989, died 14.09.1999

April Mother of our E, F and H- Litter



Kästle aus der Mackenmühle  born 28.10.1987, died 06.02.1998

Kästle Mother of our  A, B, C and D- Litter