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vom Lumberg (FCI)

Agnes u. Joh.-Th. Jäger

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About us


In 1981 after having moved from our flat in the Ruhrgebiet back to the Sauerland, we got our first Newfi: “Arpad zum Bassener Feld”.

Visiting regularly exhibitions we got very easily in contact with other dog lovers and after our old Berner Sennenhund was dead we got our first female dog: “Das Kästle aus der Mackenmühle” from Heidi Zboralski. From this first contact with her it developed into an extraordinary friendship later on.

From our A-Litter (Kästle x Arpad) we kept “April vom Lumberg” with us and after this we had the B-Litter (Kästle x Lusches vom Riesrand). As developing to beautiful and strong dogs we decided to repeat this combination. From the C-Litter we kept “Chatta Nouga Chu Chu vom Lumberg”. In the following period we put together Kästle with the “VDH/DNK-Ch Fernando aus der Mackenmühle” (D-Litter) and April with “Ch New Fuur Land’s Eros” (E-Litter). With April and “Ch Gammel Dansk vom Riesrand” we had our F-Litter and Chu Chu with Gammel Dansk was our G-Litter.

For us it was always important that the “used” dogs had a correctly anatomy, thick and strong bones, a typical head, a friendly character and that he was healthy.

After long discussions with friends and above all with Heidi Zboralski we found the P- and Q-Litter from the Kennel “Twillin Gate” from Maria and Patrick Bogaerts in Belgium. To get more breeding-power in our kennel we decided to buy a female dog:” Quoncita aus der Mackenmühle”.

We paired our “April vom Lumberg” with “Twillin Gate Pharlap”, unfortunately they got only 3 puppies (2/1).

“Chatta Nouga Chu Chu vom Lumberg” was breeded with the future world champion and multi-champion “Twillin Gate Quomandor” who lives in Germany with Margret Hoffmann; on the 29.12.1995 we received our I-Litter with 11 puppies. From this litter we kept one female called “It’s so easy vom Lumberg” and after 8 months we got back her brother “Imhotep vom Lumberg” named D.J.

“Don’t worry be happy vom Lumberg” (Kästle x Fernando) and “Bjornebandens Fit for Fight” were the parents of our J-Litter. ”Quoncita a.d. Mackenmühle” and “D.J.” got one puppy in our K-Litter. Our “Easy” and “Mount Cook Quennedy” were parents of our L-Litter, from which we kept “Lanvin vom Lumberg” and "Lazy Boy vom Lumberg". At this time we bought from Tinecke Baumeister in Holland “Chatkantarra Grandessa” out of the combination from “Chatkantarra Eileen” (Bärenkind Atropa Belladonna x Twillin Gate Quomandor) and “Mount Cook Quennedy (Mount Cook Miss Money Penny x Pouch Cove’s Windwagon Whealer). Quoncita’s second litter was our M-Litter and “Easy” with “Twillin Gate Pharlap” with our N-Litter! After “Quoncita’s” third litter with “Chatkantarra Eyecatcher my Fellow” (Belladonna x Quomandor) we kept “Over the Rainbow vom Lumberg”. Froum our P-Litter we have with “Grandessa” and “Twillin Gate Virginian” (The Bombardier x Cayuga wanted by Twillin Gate) we kept Playmate and Pucini.







Heidi Zboralski

Heidi with growing Kaprice

Heidi with Fernando aus der Mackenmühle World Dog Sho 1991 in Dortmund

Heidi with Rembert Geitz und Fernando aus der Mackenmühle with puppies from our D-Litter (Kästle)

Heidi´s last litter -  T - at this time Heidi was already so ill that the puppies have grown up in our kennel.

Heidi Zboralski

"Das Kästle aus der Mackenmühle"

At Christmas Eve 1997 she died much to early; we are still missing her.